About Vika

Vika Miller, MA is a visionary educator, speaker, cultural creative, and relationship alchemist who reawakens and empowers our deepest, most authentic connection with ourselves, with each other, and with Life Itself.

Her lifelong Calling and deepest devotion is restoring humanity to our birthright of thriving in attuned collaboration with the Community of Life on Earth, of which we're an eternal, irrevocable part.

Her greatest genius lies in being able to discern key patterns and principles at the individual, relational, and systems levels, and to share these game-changing discoveries through paradigm-shifting distinctions that are astonishingly easy to understand and apply in real, everyday life.

All in a warmly welcoming, playful, deeply safe field of compassionate, shared, authentic humanity.

Vika's path has included a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Education from Carleton College, and a Master of Arts degree in Economic Development and Social Policy from the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

Beginning in her mid-20s she simultaneously served as Vice President of Operations for a small behavioral health consulting firm that grew into a nationwide organization under her direction, and became a partner in a public/private/nonprofit collaborative facilitation consulting company.

Then in the late 1990s, lightning struck: Vika encountered Nonviolent/ Compassionate Communication (NVC). NVC contributed essential missing elements that Vika interpreted in a novel way, recognizing that NVC's "needs" are all living things' pathways to thriving, and making a major contribution to NVC worldwide.

Vika has integrated and practiced core distinctions from NVC in every aspect of her life, ever since.

In late 2011, Vika became a partner in Rose City NVC, and in 4 months grew that practice into the largest NVC training organization in the state of Oregon.

Vika has taught NVC to residents of Oregon State Penitentiary (a maximum security prison) and Oregon's Columbia River Correctional Institution. She's proud to be a former Executive Director of the Oregon Prison Project.

Since 2013 it's been Vika's passion to integrate key facets of Neuroscience, Attachment Theory, Somatic Empathy with her Thriving Life body of work (which includes elements very similar to Internal Family Systems), creating an extraordinary relationship- and culture-transforming curriculum that's been celebrated by international experts across many fields.

Now that humanity is at last collectively becoming aware that our way of life doesn't work for the planet, Thriving Life has an essential role to play in realigning human culture with our collaborative thriving birthright.

Because thriving is the fundamental purpose and currency of all Life.

When we dedicate and realign all human endeavors to include and serve the thriving of all who are affected by our activities (at every level, from the personal to the global) we will walk back into Eden (the prodigal child, returned), and fulfill our primal longing for a life and a world that truly works.

As we move to shift the course of humanity, Vika understands that in order to access our greatest communal creative genius, we need to be attuning to our vision of our fulfilled, thriving future, and ensuring that vision is the source of all our missions, goals, and strategies.

And that when we've found a powerful path grounded in radical reality, we can expect unmistakable, remarkably effective results.

Not surprisingly, Vika's welcoming, playful, down-to-earth Thriving Life Roadmap creates immediate, dramatic results (no kidding) that are available through her speaking, videos, experiential programs, mindfulness and coaching groups, private coaching for individuals and adult relationships, and business development and culture change consulting.

When she's not sharing her passion for Thriving Life with others, you can find Vika joyfully biking the Minneapolis chain of lakes; dancing argentine tango, two-step, and pretty much any other social dance; snuggling with fuzzy mammals; communing with whales; snowshoeing, kayaking, scuba diving, and tandem hang gliding; and seriously eyeing learning how to kite surf.

You can connect with Vika in Minneapolis, MN; Portland, OR; and Loreto and La Paz, Baja Mexico; as well as online, and elsewhere nationally and internationally by request.

Vika brings a delightful mix of warmth, authenticity, compassion, clarity, passion, and playfulness to everything she does.